The Road Varsity Match

Road Varsity Match

In the Modern era, Cycling has been contested since 1954. The First women's Varsity was contested in 1997.
The Road varsity Match is in form of a 25 Mile TT- although in the last 20 years we have also organised the BTTF, then BUSA, then BUCS 25 as part of the same event.
The winner is decided on aggregate time of the fastest 3 riders from each institution

As of 2016, Cambridge has won 44/59 of the Men's events and x/21 of the womens events

Bear in mind in 1954, bunch racing on the road was still banned and riders wore all black to avoid arising suspicion!

Road cycling is a Half Blue sport, with a discretionary Full blue.

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The MTB Varsity Match

MTB Varsity Match

Mountain Biking is a rather newer sport- with the first varsity only contested in 199x.

The Varsity Match is hosted alternately by Oxford and Cambridge, and is decided on the aggregate time of the fastest three riders from each institution

It is a Half Blue sport and gained this status in 200x.

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