Please note: Anyone taking part in a club ride must read the Club Handbook and Health & Safety Policy, comply with the rules laid out within and then submit the Health and Safety form.

The club organises road training rides every week. These leave from the same place at the same time. Routes will be advertised in advance in the weekly e-newsletter and on the CUCC Facebook group. There is no team distinction in training, rather self-selected based on fitness and handling skills. Rides may be split or combined depending on numbers on the day.

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What to bring


Steady: ~25 km/h (16 mph) ~50 km+ (30 miles)

Casual rides of varying distances take in a variety of routes which explore the gently rolling scenery of Hertfordshire and Essex. Pub and coffee runs are often on the agenda.

Medium: ~28 km/h (18 mph) ~80km (50 miles)

Longer continuous rides, popular for new riders to find their feet in a large group of cyclists and work on their fitness and endurance.

Fast: ~32 km/h+ (20 mph)  100km+ (60 miles)

Rides for more experienced and fit riders. These have a high tempo throughout, and may involve sprints or chain gang. The pace is quite manageable for fit new riders, but make sure plenty of food is brought and ride in a sensible and conciliatory manner.


Mountain Biking

There are weekend day trips to nearby venues such as Thetford Forest, Chicksands, Aston Hill for XC and DH riding. Some longer trips both in term-time (usually Friday evening – Sunday afternoon) and during the vacations will also be organised. These are usually just before the start or end of term and will be in places such as Wales, Yorkshire, Cumbria, Northumbria and Scotland where the riding is a bit more exciting. Details of these trips will be sent out in the weekly newsletter.