Freshers and Applicants

Offer Holders/ Freshers
If you are a keen cyclist considering potential universities, or have already applied and are wondering what is in store, CUCC is one of the best University Cycling clubs in the country!

We put together this page to help people who are applying or have offers- if you have any other questions then please do not hesitate to get in contact with any of the relevant captains on the contact page.

Storing Bikes

Most colleges don’t allow people to store bikes in their rooms. One previous captain got round this by hanging his bike from the picture rail and claiming it as ‘functional art’. On a more serious note, every college will have an alternative secure storage area they can give you access to- its worth emailing the porters before you come. If in doubt, contact someone on the committee!

Riding and Training

We put on several rides at different speeds throughout the week. Beginners rides are put on to show people the ropes of group social riding, the calls and signals and so on. Medium rides are the mainstay of the club, not too fast, not too slow, but a good workout for those looking to get fitter- many of the people who race do these. Finally, there are fast rides for those seriously training that go for longer, faster.

There are social excursion rides such as the trip to the beach in Easter term and a ride to Thetford in Michaelmas to provide an opportunity for differing wings of the club to mix

On top of this the club runs trips to the Velodrome so people can try it and experience it.

There is also an annual training camp in Spain during the Christmas break

 BUCS and Competition

CUCC is one of the top University cycling clubs in the country. In the past decade we have topped the tables 7 times and have never been out of the top 3- alumni of the club include multiple national champion Hayley Simmonds, Michael Hutchinson, NFTO rider Ed Bradbury, and Olympian Emma Pooley.

An indication of our strength is that at the BUCS 25, our 3rd team (7th, 8th and 9th fastest riders) were the 3rd fastest team overall, beating the A teams of every other university and only beaten by our 1st and 2nd team.

If you have never raced before or are totally new to the sport, then this is a really good place to start. There are rides at different levels for progression (see below) and a group of people doing dedicated training and racing at higher level for you to join in.

The first event is the BUCS hill climb in October followed by the Track events in November- if you have previous in racing and would like to give these a crack then please email either the Men’s captains Jack Brown (jcb214) and Alex Petter · (jagp2) or the Women’s captain Ffion James (fej21).

There is a freshers tt at the weekend after freshers week if you’d like to show your colours early!



Road cycling is a discretionary Full blue sport for men and women. Coming top three Cambridge top 6 oxbridge in the Varsity match (BUCS25) will net you a half blue, and to get a full blue for men you need to do 2 sub 54 minute times and come top 50 in a national; and for women win a medal at bucs and come top 25% of a national TT.  Cambridge are the current mens varsity champions, winning the team and sweeping the podium but crucially losing the drunken town bike race afterwards!
Such is the strength of CUCC that in 2015, to come top 3 Cambridge necessitated coming top 4 in BUCS!