Trips Away

As an antidote to riding in Cambridgeshire, the club organises occasional weekends away to hillier, more exciting places. The Lake District, the Peak District and Wales are popular destinations. These trips usually involve leaving Cambridge by car on a Friday night and staying in a youth hostel, returning to Cambridge after riding on Sunday. The intensity of the rides varies according to who is present, and both on and off road routes are incorporated.

If you are coming mountain biking on one of our weekend trips and haven't done so before, please read the guidelines, in which you will also find a recommended kit list. You'll also need to download and fill out an emergency medical and contact form before going on the trip.

MTB Disclaimer

As with any sport, mountain biking can be dangerous and this can be amplified when riding on rough, unfamiliar terrain and in bad weather. A combination of some or all of these factors is likely to be encountered during our weekends away. Regretfully, CUCC or its members cannot take any responsibility or be liable for accidents of any nature, howsoever incurred, during these trips. It is advisable to have a comprehensive personal accident insurance that is valid when doing any 'dangerous' sport. So as to minimise risk, there is a set of guidelines which we heavily encourage people to follow and an example of typical equipment which it will be necessary to take. If you read through and think it all sounds a bit serious and that fun is off the agenda, then that is certainly not the case - it's just better to be safe than sorry!