First Team Training

Cycling at the top level is far from easy, whether that means following attacks uphill when you are already at your limit, forcing yourself as hard as possible every moment through a time trial, sprinting with absolutely nothing held back, or ripping through wet corners on a descent in a peloton of 100 riders. First Team training reflects this variety of skills required, with riders doing 320 to 500 miles a week throughout the year, in the rain, ice and darkness of winter, or the heat and motorists of summer. All riders are experienced, and most compete nationally and/or internationally. CUCC alumni include Olympic medalists and national champions alike. At the moment, by far the most difficult part of earning the exclusive Full Blue is making it to our top three riders - not the subsidiary criteria.


To get yourself selected, you will have proven experience - either from the 2nd team, or from an extensive set of results at elite or national level. Contact the men's captain if you think you have it!