Below is a list of questions we're commonly asked. If none of this answers your question, please email a member of the committee

  • I'm coming up to Cambridge but need to know where to store my bikes.

Different colleges have different policies on storing bikes in rooms. Almost without exception, it's 'officially' against the rules, but some colleges are more willing to turn a blind eye when it comes to expensive bikes than others. Some colleges provide secure storage, though with all colleges members having a key to this, it's rarely secure enough for expensive sports kit. The best thing to do is to email your college in advance, and keep asking for permission either to keep bikes in your room, or for a more select, secure place in college to store them than the existing facillities.

  • I've just come to Cambridge and want to road race. What do you offer?

A lot. CUCC is a very strong road racing club and competes frequently in local, student and national events year-round. There's a wealth of information on this website. If you already have some racing experience, or are keen to get some, then the men's captain would be keen to hear from you.

  • When and where do you train?

Training rides are organized and advertized by the main mailing list, to which you can subscribe on the front page of this site. The club organizes training rides on Saturday afternoons and Sunday mornings, meeting outside Benet's coffee on Kings Parade. See our training pages for more information and a guide to group riding which details CUCC's conventions and ground rules.

  • Road riding's not my thing, but I do want to race mountain bikes. What do you do?

There is a very strong group of mountain bikers within CUCC. We compete at a number of events from traditional XC races, to Enduro rides (winter and summer series at Thetford forest nearby, and others in Wales for example) to Trailquest (mountain bike orienteering) to 24hour teamrides (Red Bull Mountain Mayhem, Shimano Sleepless in the Saddle). CUCC is represented at the BUCS student champs each year in XC and Downhill. There is also an annual Mountain Bike Varsity Match against Oxford, usually in February.

  • I've ridden a lot but never really raced. Are 'beginners' catered for?

Yes. The club aims to provide something for everyone, and beginners' rides are organized at weekends. See the training pages for more details.

  • Well, to be honest, racing isn't my thing, can I just go out and ride with someone for company locally?

Yes, of couse. 'Just' going for a ride is fundamental to the sport. Going out, either on or off road, in the local area is very pleasant and a great way to keep fit. If you don't fancy the higher speeds of the road groups, our touring secretary is the person to get in touch with. If you fancy a chilled out ride off road then email the CUCC mailing list. With around 200 subscribers, there is always someone willing to go out riding!

  • What I am interested in is going for epic off-road rides. Do you do this here?

The mountain bike side of the club frequently leaves Cambridge in search of more exciting places to ride at weekends, and members frequently get together elsewhere during the holidays. The club organizes the occasional weekend away further afield during term, as well. Typical destinations are Snowdonia, Peak District and Yorkshire Dales. For more details, see the weekend trips section.

  • I like the sound of all this, but I'm worried I'm not fit enough

The club welcomes complete beginners, as long as they have their own bike. Fitness is something that can be improved very quickly, especially within the infrastructure of the club.

  • I have a valuable bike - how do I prevent it from being stolen?

Cambridge is renowned for its bike crime, and our advice is to use it only for training or racing, not general riding about town. Even if it is locked up securely, it would come as no suprise if someone nicked your saddle/wheels/handlebars or just vandalised it. Investing in a strong lock is always a good plan if you haven't done so already, as is checking up on your insurance. You might be able to get your bike covered by your parents' existing house insurance policy (if you're an undergrad), and on your contents insurance (if you're a postgrad or undergrad in a house of no more than 3 people; the Prudential or Marks and Spencers contents insurance is good for this). If you're sharing a hostel then it is unlikely that any insurer other than Endsleigh will touch you for anything let alone a bike. In these circumstances your only option may be through bodies like British Cycling or the CTC.