Varsity Match


The cycling Varsity Match is held annually in the form of a 25 mile TT as part of the BUCS calendar of events. The three fastest riders from each respective university have their times aggregated, and the 1st team prize and Varsity title awarded accordingly is awarded accordingly. The next three riders form the second team, again with a prize for aggregated time. 

Mountain biking

The mountain biking Varsity Match is held in the form of a XC (cross-country) race, usually in March. This consists of multiple laps of a short (3-6km) course, usually lasting for approximately an hour and a half. The team prize is awarded based on the times of the top three riders.

Blues Criteria

Full and half blues can be awarded to men and women in both time trialling and mountain biking. See below for the criteria. In other cycling disciplines (e.g., road racing or cyclo-cross), discretionary full blues can be awarded for outstanding performances at national or international standard.